Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
9 minute read
29 Jun 2020
3:27 pm

Damning findings further expose canned lion industry 

Nica Richards

Despite numerous attempts to have government scrap its lion bone export quota, and revealing the dismal GDP contribution of canned hunting, the industry and its illicit underground workings continue to thrive. 

Canned Lion picture for illustrative purposes.

South Africa’s canned lion hunting industry has been dealt yet another PR blow, with the contentious breeding of captive-bred lions and the horrors they endure detailed painfully in Lord Ashcroft’s new book, Unfair Game. The book is the latest in a series of exposés seeking to convince government to scrap its quota on lion bones and parts allowed to leave the country. Unfair Game follows Lord Ashcroft and his team as they risk their lives completing two covert operations - Operation Simba and Operation Chastise. Along the way, the team, made up of British ex-Special Forces servicemen and Humane Society...