Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
21 Jan 2021
4:43 am

The day Covid took my friend

Carine Hartman

For years I had him and his beautiful family around our Christmas Eve table – and how he loved Christmas – but not the last one.

The focus of the awareness campaign will be - among others - to inform the public on the role and responsibilities of the HPCSA, to educate the public in terms of their rights as patients and to educate the public on the role of mediation in medical negligence. Image: iStock

Covid took my friend. For three weeks he was in a death battle with this virus and he lost – with no wife to hold his hand, no kids to hug him, no friends to whisper in his ear that he is so much more than just a good doctor. He died all alone and, being a Hindi – “albeit a naughty one, I married a Muslim” – was buried all alone. I couldn’t sing his praises; no women allowed at the grave. In fact, when I got the news five hours after his death, he was already covered with...