Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
17 Feb 2021
7:56 am

Festive season coast lashing a painless experience in our Ford Ranger Thunder

Charl Bosch

Special edition version of the Wildtrak has become an instant hit over a short period given how many are already on our roads.

Down by the sea and on familiar 'roads'

If ever there was a car or in this case bakkie that lived-up to its name too literally, our soon-to-depart long-term Ford Ranger Thunder would’ve ranked among the top five. Bizarrely, the sight of our Sea Grey bi-turbo double cab 4x4 in the care of yours truly at almost any stage during the latter stages of last year would result in the bright blue above select its most threatening shade of grey before clearing its throat with a distinct rumble and then opening the taps while putting on an incredible light show for our guardian of the Blue Oval. In-line...