Sipho Mabena
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18 Apr 2021
6:37 pm

‘You died for your land’- murdered Coka brothers laid to rest

Sipho Mabena

The brothers were sprinkled with goat’s gall and each were buried with the gall bladder, which would connect them with their ancestors, in a ritual that took hours.

Zenzele Coka and his brother Mgcini Coka's caskets are set down at their village on Pampoen Kraal farm, 17 April 2021, Mkhondo, Mpumalanga. Picture: Jacques Nelles

  In a poignant and intense moment on an overcast Saturday morning, the Coka brothers, killed in a farm shooting in Mpumalanga, were returned to Pampoenkraal farm where they died. Each of the brothers, Zenzele, 39, and Mgcini, 36, in their identical coffins, were placed on the very spot where each fell, with their elder brother, Samuel, 46, holding a tree branch to carry their spirits. An entourage of eleven family men took turns telling the brothers, with their coffins resting on grass mats where they fell, they had lost the physical battle for their ancestral land. They were told...