Shawn Govender
4 minute read
30 Aug 2021
9:33 am

What could Women’s Month mean for the women of tomorrow?

Shawn Govender

Ford's Shawn Govender ponders what Women's Month could mean for the women of tomorrow if we all work towards a common goal.

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It’s a conversation that is on rinse-and-repeat annually: each year we celebrate Women’s Month. Each year many people – far, far too many people – point out that the event rings hollow in the face of SA’s shameful record of gender-based violence, of its poverty, inequality and unemployment that disproportionately affect women.  Each year there are many who say any celebration is inappropriate, even cynical and callous. Many of those voicing those concerns and objections have, sadly, first-hand experience of why they feel that to be so. While it’s certainly true that marking this month should go beyond platitudes and...