Editorial staff
2 minute read
4 Dec 2021
5:00 am

Cyril must walk the talk on corruption

Editorial staff

Ramaphosa needs to re-energise and fully back and resource honest cops and prosecutors. Otherwise, history may regard him as an accomplice through omission and inaction.

President Cyril Ramaphosa must be firm on corruption. Picture: Flicker/GCIS

Are we winning the war against corruption? That’s the question all South Africans (except the guilty) need to consider seriously, as the much vaunted “New Dawn” of President Cyril Ramaphosa seemingly fades back into the old ANC looting darkness. After almost five years of continuous promises from Ramaphosa to get tough on the illegality, there have still been few prosecutions and no convictions of the highprofile alleged looters. Many cases stumble around for years in an investigative wilderness – or so it seems to the outside observer. This week, one of the top legal eagles brought in to run the...