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UPDATE: Safe ocean return for St Mike’s shark [WATCH]

The youngster used live bait to catch the shark.

The little shark that’s been trapped in the St Mike’s tidal pool for the past few days is now safely back in the ocean, unharmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Shark found trapped in St Mike’s tidal pool

According to reports on social media, a youngster caught the shark yesterday late yesterday.

He caught the shark using a fishing rod and live bait, with lifeguards assisting him in getting it to the sea.

It’s believed the baby grey shark was caught by an angler who released it in the pool.

Those who helped get the shark safely back to its natural habitat were praised for their efforts.

On a lighter note, Marcus Bengsch (owner of St Mike’s beachfront restaurant C-Bali) said the shark had attracted people to the beach, those curious to have a closer look, creating a bit of a vibe.

He said the shark had seemed to be enjoying itself in the pool, and that having it around had been quite fun.


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