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CPF patrollers receive donation of reflector jackets

The branded reflective jackets will enable the Montwood Community Police Subforum patrollers to continue their patrols at night while maintaining visibility to deter crime.

A DEDICATED group of community patrollers, known as the Montwood CPF Subforum in Montclair, received reflector jackets from a local physician with a strong commitment to community service.

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Dr Donovan Govender had long admired the efforts of the Montwood CPF Subforum. He recognised their dedication and the importance of their role in keeping the neighbourhood safe. Moved by their plight, he decided to take action.

The patrollers keep a vigilant watch over their neighbourhood. Comprised of volunteers from all walks of life, they dedicate their nights to ensuring the safety and security of their fellow residents.

However, their efforts have often been challenged by the lack of adequate equipment. One of their most pressing needs was reflective jackets, essential for ensuring visibility during their nighttime patrols. Without these jackets, their ability to maintain a visible presence and deter crime was severely compromised.

Dr Govender, known for his generosity and community spirit, quietly made arrangements to donate a set of reflective jackets to the subforum. His gesture was not just a donation of material goods but a symbol of support and encouragement for their selfless service.

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As the jackets were handed out, each member inspected theirs with a mix of awe and appreciation. Equipped with their new reflective jackets, they ventured out into the night with renewed determination, knowing that they were not alone in their mission to protect their neighbourhood.

As the seasons changed and the nights grew longer, the Montwood CPF Subforum continued their patrols, now clad in their reflective jackets.

Dr Govender said, “At Montlands Medical Centre, we are grateful for the significant support that we receive from our community which has allowed us to grow. We, therefore, believe it is our responsibility to plough back some of those gains into community initiatives like the CPF which builds and strengthens our community’s development and progress. Our sponsorship of branded reflective safety vests for the Montwood CPF is an expression of our gratitude for the amazing work that our CPF members engage in on a daily basis.”

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