Montclair policeman recognised for his achievements

The station awarded him with a certificate of appreciation to honour his dedication to his work.

A POLICE officer, stationed at the Montclair police station has been lauded for receiving a silver medal at the recent Comrades Marathon.
Constable Thamsanqa Mbanjwa already has six silver medals and two Bill Rowen medals from previous Comrades Marathons under his belt.

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In a celebration of perseverance and dedication, the station’s commander, Colonel Trevor Small, praised Mbanjwa for his outstanding achievement.

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Mbanjwa was described as a dedicated police officer, who crossed the finish line of the grueling 90-kilometer race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in just over seven hours.

Colonel Small highlighted Mbanjwa’s remarkable journey, emphasising the hard work, dedication to training, and unwavering consistency that led him to successfully complete his ninth Comrades.

“Persistence and consistency can turn passion into extraordinary achievement,” said Small, emphasising the admirable qualities that define Mbanjwa’s commitment to both his role as a police officer and his passion for running.

Mbanjwa’s journey to the Comrades Marathon involved rigorous training and unwavering focus after qualifying for the prestigious race.

In addition to his Comrades achievements, Mbanjwa secured victory in the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Commissioners Race earlier this year, further solidifying his status as an exceptional athlete within the police force.

Reflecting on Mbanjwa’s achievements, the management and staff of Montclair police station expressed deep respect and admiration for his dedication and humility.

Small added, “Constable Mbanjwa continues to serve this organisation with humility and gratitude, embodying the values of SAPS Montclair.”

Police spokesperson for Montclair police station Captain Cheryl Pillay said Mbanjwa’s remarkable accomplishments not only inspire his colleagues but also highlight the spirit of determination and excellence within the station.

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