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Foundation launches emergency evacuation plan book to assist residents

In the book, you will find different scenarios and information on whether people should invacuate or evacuate.

THE Merewest Community Foundation(MCF) recently launched an Emergency Evacuation Plan(EEP) book, aimed at informing residents on what they can during a disaster.

Premilla Deonath, the chairperson of the MCF and co-author, said they had initiated the book to safeguard and protect the community.

“We are passionate about community and our loved ones. In March this year, we had presented our EEP to community leaders, security companies, at schools and management of halls in the area. We made arrangements with the schools and halls to open their doors to the community should a disaster occur.
“A month later, we were hit with the devastating floods. Using our EEP, we successfully rescued people and pets from drowning, and took them to the a temple hall for safety. Our community then rallied around to provide hot meals,” she said.

Deonath said the book is aimed at alerting people about the different types of disasters, both natural and man-made.

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“In the book, you will find different scenarios and information on whether people should invacuate or evacuate. It also provides road maps to follow to avoid gridlocks in a disaster.
“The book also outlines precautions that one can take, such as how to seal doors, windows, air vents and placing wet blankets in the space at the bottom of the door to prevent the gas leak from entering homes. These evacuation plans which have been tried, tested, and applied, work beautifully,” she said.

Deonath said the MCF have been approached by several organisations, from around the country, to assist them in drawing up their plans.

“The MCF will share its expertise with all who call upon them for assistance. It took 10 months of intensive research, study, consultations and preparation to finalise the book. Various stakeholders, such as local industry, schools, faith-based organisations, the fire department, police, disaster management, and local councillors were consulted during the planning stages,” she said.

Deonath said all residents will receive a free copy.

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