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Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
5 Jul 2018
12:31 pm

Willemse scores distinction for master’s degree, graduates with wife

Gopolang Moloko

Michelle Willemse graduated with a philosophy degree on Tuesday.

Ashwin Willemse and wife Michelle celebrate his graduation in mid-2018 with a master's degree.

Retired Springbok player Ashwin Willemse has graduated with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and new venture creation – and with a distinction to boot – on Thursday.

The former sportsman and wife Michelle were congratulated by the Witwatersrand University this week. His wife graduated with a philosophy degree on Tuesday.

Willemse, after graduating on Thursday, said education was the path to wherever the heart desired. “It is the path to true liberation. Our human dignity is embedded in education, because through education we get to know ourselves. Once you know yourselves, you can give the world your authentic self.”

Six weeks ago, Willemse was in the middle of controversy after walking out of a live SuperSport broadcast. He is now set to take the matter to the Equality Court.

The former Springbok walked out because, he alleged, he was being patronised.

SuperSport released the findings by Advocate Vincent Maleka following the Willemse incident, stating there was no racism found in the investigations.

Willemse has since remained mum on social media until today, sharing a photo of his graduation.