Ken Borland
Sports Journalist
3 minute read
2 Oct 2021
8:00 am

Greed and selfishness destroying international cricket

Ken Borland

The preeminence of country-versus-country contests no longer seems to be in place and the ICC don’t seem overly invested in protecting their turf.

India recently withdrew from the last Test of their series against England. Picture: Getty Images

There is no honour amongst thieves, so the saying goes, and it seems there is also no end to the greed and selfishness that characterises international cricket. Little wonder then that even the 'Big Three' are starting to box each other, never mind their deplorable treatment of the rest of the cricketing world. The Covid-19 pandemic and the associated quarantine protocols have given teams an easy excuse not to fulfill their commitments. England’s disgraceful exit from their tour of South Africa last summer was the first sign that the Big Three would not be beholden to anyone, not even the...