Jim Freeman
3 minute read
21 Jul 2021
11:53 am

Addo Elephant Park: Home to the world’s most ‘chilled’ elephants

Jim Freeman

In 90 years, Addo Elephant National Park has grown its elephant population by over 5 000%, saving the population from near-extinction.

Beware of the beetles board. Picture: Jim Freeman

How do you distinguish between an Addo elephant and one from the Kruger National Park? Easy: elephants from the Eastern Cape are “chilled”, boet. Pachyderms are synonymous with Addo Elephant National Park, and their laid-back-around-humans behaviour sets them apart from their testy northern compatriots - surprising given their reputedly long memories. When Addo was proclaimed on 3 July, 1931, they’d been hunted almost to extinction in the province – and only 11 remained. In 90 years, the number has grown to more than 600, and Addo, which initially measured just over 2 000 hectares, now covers a terrestrial area of...