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28 Jul 2021
9:10 am

Five reasons why a trip can benefit your relationship

Renate Engelbrecht

After the latest level 4 lockdown restrictions, a couples holiday might be exactly what your relationship needs.

A couple's trip can benefit your relationship. Image: iStock

Maintaining a relationship is hard work and the image we portray to the world is often one that has been sugarcoated. The truth is, we all have ups and downs in our relationships, especially when life becomes a little more stressful like when the president throws you a level 4 curveball.

Perhaps, now that the restrictions have been reduced, a couples holiday might be the one thing that could benefit your relationship most.

Being locked indoors together can be a good thing, but being locked indoors together too long could have a knock-on effect on our relationships.

Together, we’ve had to endure the stress that comes with a loss of income, health issues, overcoming Covid-19 in some cases, separation from friends and family and parents have even had to take on the additional responsibility of homeschooling.

all of these things into consideration, it’s almost expected for relationships to take the strain.

Escape into nature

Can you remember the days when we could only take a walk around the block in that limited time slot per day right at the beginning of lockdown? Every possible outdoor facility was packed with people craving fresh air and being in nature. Isn’t it amazing what nature does to our well-being?

This is why, when you are keen on going on a couples holiday, opting for a destination abundant in nature is ideal.

The Maldives, for example, comes with open spaces, stunning beaches, palm trees and sea life. You can also spend time outdoors by doing some water sports, with resorts like Club Med Maldives offering all inclusive holiday packages.

Of course, the Maldives is also one of the few places you can travel to without having to quarantine and all you need is a negative PCR test 96 hours before you travel. You even get a visa on arrival.

Club Med Maldives
Club Med Maldives. Picture: iStock

Honesty is the best policy on a couples holiday

It might be so that we spent most of our time inside the same house, but that doesn’t go to say that our communication was effective.

In fact, whilst dealing with the stress of Covid-19 and our own emotions, we might have isolated ourselves from each other than draw each other in. A couples holiday might just bridge this gap and allow you to spend quality time together as a couple instead of watching Netflix on separate devices.

It will allow you time to talk about the past year and a half and about how you can work together to tackle the challenges you face.

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Take care of yourself to take care of others

Taking care of yourself has never been more important than now. By not being yourself, you put additional pressure on your relationship with your partner and other people in your life. Y

ou cannot build a strong relationship unless your are emotionally strong and well and a couples holiday where you can recharge as an individual, but also spend time with your partner sounds like a win-win solution.

Investing in a holiday is undoubtedly one of the best forms of self-care one could think about, offering the luxury of some quiet time, indulging in some beauty treatments and more. In fact, you don’t even have to do all these things together as a couple – sometimes practising self-care individually can also benefit your relationship.

Take care of yourself to take care of others. Picture: iStock

Laugh a lot on your couples holiday

Go ahead and be silly. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. Humour is one thing that can pull us through some of the hardest of times and the past 16 or so months are proof.

When you spend time away from your everyday responsibilities, it allows you to relax and unwind, which makes room for spontaneity and lots of fun and laughter and a couples holiday will allow you to do just that.

Take time to reflect and plan ahead

Amidst all the running around from one responsibility to the next, there is rarely time to sit down, reflect and recuperate, let alone plan. If Covid-19’s challenges have taught us one thing, it is to re-evaluate what truly matters in life.

For most of us, our loved ones rise above the rest time and again, which is why it is so important to slow down and take time to enjoy the simple pleasure with the people we enjoy sharing our lives with.

A couples holiday and escaping from reality might just be what your relationship needs for you to envision the new normal as a couple and working toward your plans for the future.