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WATCH: Leopard attacks baboons and immediately regrets it

The leopard probably experienced being chased by baboons for the first time in its life.

A couple in Kruger National Park for their honeymoon were treated to a beautiful sighting after a lone leopard decided to try his luck with baboons at the weekend.

The couple was driving from Paul Kruger Gate to Tshokwane, when about 50 baboons decided to cross the road, only to then camp there, blocking traffic.

In the video, the leopard is then spotted planning an ambush on the troop, with one adult a target.

The couple told Kruger National Park’s Latest Sightings they considered warning the baboons about the leopard approaching from the grass, but it seems the troop was well-prepared.

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The leopard then quickly jumped on one of the baboons, but immediately regret that decision as other baboons came to their family member’s rescue.

Watch the video below

Not only did they defend and save their family from the claws of the enemy, but made sure he was never to return again.

Baboons vs lions

Baboons know when to fight or run after an thorough assessment of the situation they find themselves in.

In another video, also on Kruger Sightings, a pride of lions is seen trying to cross a bridge at MalaMala Game Reserve when they come across baboons.

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“Baboons are some of the animals that are extremely fond of the bridge, as it offers them a high vantage point from which to look out for any potential threats. Guests to MalaMala are often greeted with these primates going about their monkey business, grooming themselves, and playing catch in the middle of the bridge,” Mike Botes, a guide at the reserve, told Latest Sightings.

After assessing the situation and realising they were outnumbered, they simply dashed under bridge and hanged onto the metal bars of the bridge and waited it out.

The lions took their time crossing that bridge, but could unfortunately not do anything to the troop.

Watch the video below

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