Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
28 Mar 2022
6:09 pm

SA’s economy won’t grow before supply chain challenges are addressed

Ina Opperman

Terrible port and rail infrastructure, along with legislative red tape means SA can't compete with other emerging markets.

Image: iStock

South Africa must fix its continued supply chain challenges, which have been the cause of major blockages stifling the export industry, before it can even think of growing its flailing economy. South Africa sold goods to the value of R1.8 trillion last year but could have exported billions more if our railways and ports were working, our roads were in a good condition, power was reliable, and laws and authorities did not obstruct business. “Our future is on a knife’s edge with record unemployment, woeful economic growth and the probability of a sovereign debt crisis, while blockage after blockage chokes...