Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
7 minute read
20 May 2022
3:11 pm

Three lessons from long-term insurance complaints

Ina Opperman

How honest and precise do you have to be when taking out long-term insurance? Complain and you will quickly find out.

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Three lessons from long-term insurance complaints show that consumers must read their policies very carefully to ensure that when the time comes to claim, it is paid out without any hassles. According to the case summaries in the Long-term Insurance Ombud’s annual report that was released this week, long-term insurance can be quite a minefield for consumers. But these complaints could have been avoided if the consumers involved made sure of what the policies would provide. ALSO READ: Insurance ombuds gave R400 million back to consumers, handled 18 000 complaints Full disclosure about illnesses A consumer applied for a policy...