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Adriaan Roets
2 minute read
13 Jul 2018
8:46 am

What to wear for Katy Perry, pop royalty

Adriaan Roets

If you're still picking your outfit for Katy Perry's concerts at TicketPro Dome next week, we have your back.

Photo: Rony Alwin.

Katy Kats, the time has finally arrived. For three nights next week, the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg will be a pop paradise when Katy Perry takes to the stage for the South African leg of Witness: The Tour.

If you’ve been to see Bieber, Gaga, Nicky, Rihanna or Mariah, you know that it’s time to stand out – and most of all – to honour a pop legend. If you don’t have your outfit planned yet, The Citizen’s got your back.

Perry is known for her unique fashion and style. Having popped onto the scene back in 2008 with the hit song, ‘I Kissed a Girl’, the singer has delivered banger after banger.

Now, at 33, Perry has become an innovative style icon. Here’s some Katy looks you can pull off in a pinch before getting Chained to the Rhythm. A limited number of tickets are available for July 18 and 21, but the July 20 show is sold out.

Polka Dot Perfection

Since her ‘one-of the-boys-era’, Perry hasn’t been afraid of polka dots, but her look when Minnie Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was one of the most memorable.

  • Sunglasses – Classic oval-frame glasses in red with a simple white top and jeans. (R179 from H&M)
  • Get dotted – This dress will pair well with a denim jacket or a black bomber jacket and bold-coloured earrings (R120 from MrP)


You too can have the eye of the tiger, just like Perry during her Roar-era.

  • Tiger print – Make jeans pop with this fantastic graphic t-shirt. (R80 from MrP)
  • Kitty Purry – Floral cat ears will make any old outfit stand out at the concert. (R36 from MrP)
  • Have a (fur) ball – Who knew faux fur pom-poms and sneakers could be such a great combination? Keep your feet happy in these while dancing your way through the night. (R230 from MrP)

Eye See You

If this photo from Witness: The Tour is anything to go by, Perry is incorporating the album artwork’s into the show.

  • Eye earring – Get these large beaded earrings to perfectly pay homage to Witness: The Tour. (R249 from H&M)
  • Heart t-shirt –The eyes are the window to the soul, and the heart keeps it all going. This graphic t-shirt will look great with simple acid-washed jeans.

Pink & Blue, Check!

Colour is Katy Perry’s playground and from this image from Witness: The Tour, it seems neon and checkerboards are a big part of the show.

  • Check pullover – Celebrate block perfection in this bold pullover. Pair with sneakers and black skinny jeans. (R160 from MrP)
  • Petrol pink sunnies –Be well framed in the presence of pop royalty. Pair with a anything colourful. Floral or graphic prints will look great. (R229 from H&M)