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3 Sep 2020
12:04 pm

What to watch tonight: ‘Inconceivable’

Citizen Reporter

Making its debut on M-Net tonight is a new local drama series.

Image: M-net

Inconceivable tells the tale of two women who’ve been best friends since high school, now at the centre of a group of female friends all in their mid-thirties and facing the first few years of getting pregnant and child-rearing while each holding down their demanding jobs. In this friend group is a lingering affair, a struggle with infertility, fierce competitiveness, even fiercer love, and something unthinkable.

The series features some of Mzansi’s finest actors on stage and screen.

Anel Alexander plays Marieke Meyer, a qualified gynaecologist who runs her own very bustling private fertility clinic. She has two kids who may just need a little more love and attention from their always-in-crisis-mode mommy.

Carine Rous plays Rachel Bishop, an advocate who specialises in criminal law. She is trendy and fashionable; your prototype A-personality. For her, it’s perfection at all costs. She is nine months pregnant and everything entails that must be perfect too! She is married to trophy husband, James.

Sisanda Henna’s role is Sisanda Nkosi. He had started a construction company on the side while studying Business at UCT. He met Busi, who was his tutor before he finally decided to drop out as he felt no need to complete his studies. Years later, they were married, and he wouldn’t mind having children of his own, despite the agreement he has with his wife.

Craig Jackson is David Stein, a computer programmer characterised as a stable and loving husband to his wife, Natalie. David is best described as “beige”. He loves Nat passionately but is not that great at showing it, and he will always support her in all her dreams and wishes.

The series dissects a large number of social issues and daily struggles and starts tonight September 8.15pm on M-Net 101.

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