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22 Feb 2017
12:43 pm

What AKA’s new song reveals about DJ Zinhle and Bonang

Citizen reporter

The song could easily be the most revealing to date.

AKA and Bonang. Picture: Twitter

AKA’s new song, Caiphus Song, may have revealed a lot more than we would otherwise have known about his relationship with Bonang Matheba, and we get a hint that perhaps DJ Zinhle could be a contributing factor to the couple’s “problems”.

AKA, who raps that his music videos are proof that he has been after Bonang for a long time, says in the chorus that he is running out of ways he could prove himself to his girlfriend.

You was even in my video
See I wanted you for a long time
Couple years later now you’re all mine

His song further suggests that even before the the two came out as a couple, they had problems, with Bonang getting impatient with AKA, who was at the time failing to break up with his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend. DJ Zinhle’s suspicion that her the rapper was cheating seems to also have been a problem to Bonang.

In a different timezone How could I know?
That she won’t try unlock iPhone
All I need is a little patience
It takes guts to break up

The lyrics further suggest that his visits to her house to see his daughter are causing problems.

I know baby mama is where the stress at
Tryna be the best dad now respect that
One step forward and two steps back
I could never imagine being a step-dad

Apart from the PR stunt he pulled last week, the lyrics published on Kasi Lyrics imply the couple have been on and off, with the real breakups never making headlines, as they were never announced. It seems that they are back on track now and moving on with their lives.

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