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26 Jul 2017
11:28 am

Millionaire Nico Matlala painfully hits Shaun Stylist with a brick

Citizen Reporter

Though Matlala has confirmed his relationship with Mabe, he has denied that the Facebook account mocking Shaun is his.

Picture: Facebook

Businessman Nico Matlala recently set social media on fire after a Facebook account in his name posted pictures of him with his new lover, Lebohang Mabe, calling her future Mrs Matlala. The businessman, who dated musician KB and Somizi’s baby mama, Palesa Madisakwane, has confirmed his relationship with Mabe to City Press.

For those who do not know, Matlala did not use an actual brick to hit the stylist, it just means the businessman is now dating a woman who used to date the stylist.

The account has been mocking celebrity stylist Shaun, going as far as posting a past picture of him with his then girlfriend, mocking him and telling the stylist to delete his old pictures with the woman, as she was now with Matlala.

“I am sorry for your loss, Shaun, but not pretty much so. I can’t sympathise with you and forget to celebrate my gain, thank you for guarding her for me though while it lasted.

“I had to take her for good this time and don’t worry, I will give her more than just matching outfits.

“You can delete all your pictures together now while you watch us make new memories,” read the post that has since been deleted.

The account calls Matlala a bricklayer, and further slams the negative criticism from social media, as he was not the first to have ‘taken’ a woman from another man.

“So, I see I have been trending on social media lately, and everyone is making a big out of the fact that Lebo and I are together now.

“What is wrong when two souls come together to share their love with each other? Come on people, don’t act as if it’s the first time you see someone gets hit with a corobrick.

“Shaun Stylist my brother I didn’t mean to do you dirty, I just found love in the woman you had and I wanted her for myself. If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have left, unfortunately she found better.

“I hope you find someone who will make you happy going forward. Lebo is mine now and she has met her new family,” read the post on Facebook.

The post further advised Shaun on how to keep a woman.

“Don’t focus only on matching outfits this time, it goes beyond that my brother.”

The Facebook posts have been shared more than 3 000 times with more than 4 000 comments from people who say their relationship will not last.

However, another account that seems to be his has set the record straight, saying the other savage account was opened by his ex-girlfriend, Phumzile Shezi, who was hellbent on tarnishing his image.

“How does she actually go on and make up a fake account in my name just to try and destroy me you’re so so fake. Your silly games will backfire. You are a pathological liar. What makes you so bitter to a point of starting such liars,” he wrote.

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He further claimed Shezi’s child was not his, saying she had been lying to everyone about it, allegations she denied.

“I am a victim of infidelity, yes. I lost my husband while busy pursuing Nico, yes. I fell pregnant with Nicos’ child, yes. Surely you have seen it all because I allowed it to be so. These are my mistakes, I made them. I am responsible for them. I won’t run or shy away from admitting my wrongdoings, hence I never knew what Nico’s intentions were until a few months down the line,” she wrote.

Read her full post below: