Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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12 Jul 2021
10:11 am

Nomcebo and Master KG: ‘This can’t be happening’ – artists weigh in on the drama

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Nomcebo Zikode claimed she hasn't earned a cent since the global hit song of 'Jersualema' with Master KG.

Nomcebo Zikode is taking on the record label responsible for 'Jersualema' hit song with Master KG. Picture: Instagram

Jerusalema, a song that took the world by storm, the artists, Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode who created the magic are at loggerheads.

Nomcebo claimed on Sunday she hasn’t received a cent since from the record label, OpenMic Productions for the global hit song. She also said her contributions have been “marginalised” and she can’t “remain silent anymore” as a female artist. The reason why the singer has taken the legal route.

OpenMic Productions said Nomcebo previously agreed to split the earnings 50-50 with Master KG. The agreement was drafted in November 2020 for both artists to sign, however, Nomcebo decided through her legal team to review the agreement and ask for a higher percentage.

Artists have weighed in after the label released their statement, many of them in support of Nomcebo. Gospel vocalist Deborah Fraser did not mince her words, saying OpenMic isn’t “fooling” anyone.

“U fronted with Master KG knowing very well that he is not a company that has signed the artist… Why are you destroying the future of these two artists? Fans are angry because they don’t know what going there.”

Deborah Fraser’s comments on the OpenMic and Nomcebo Zikode earnings battle. Picture: Screengrab, Facebook

Rapper Riky Rick said: “This can’t be happening,” other celebrities showed their support on Nomcebo’s Instagram page.


Master KG claimed that Nomcebo is asking for 70% and he is aggrieved that she started touring the world without him. He dismissed figures being thrown around on social media, that Jerusalema made more than R3 million.

“Who said the song made 3M??? You Don’t even Know if the R1.5M I’m talking about Is for Publishing or The Master yet. You Concluding Things…Anyway, I Believe When The Time is Right Everyone will know the truth There’s Nothing to Hide Here I’m Tired of Being Hated for lies.”