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8 Oct 2021
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LISTEN: ‘It was f***ing scary’: More Bujy and Boity audio emerges

Sandisiwe Mbhele

In another audio clip shared with 'The Citizen', Boity is audibly shaken and afraid following her 'reading' with Bujy.

In another audio clip shared with 'The Citizen', Boity is audibly shaken and afraid following her 'reading' with Bujy. Picture: Instagram

More audio has emerged from the night of the altercation between Boity Thulo and Bujy Bikwa.

In the audio, Boity sounds audibly shaken and afraid after she emerged from the pool following a “reading” with Bujy and his ancestors.

The media personalities were at Huawei’s official launch of the new Nova8 cellphone in Midrand, Johannesburg, over a week ago.

In an interview with The Citizen, one witness alleged that Boity insisted on giving unsolicited “readings” in her capacity as a traditional healer (sangoma). Boity’s readings were reportedly met with much resistance, which aggravated her even further in the witness’s opinion. 

This second audio shared with The Citizen was prior to the attack.

“This is f***cking scary. It’s scary. It was scary,” repeats Boity.

People can be heard in the background asking her what happened. Boity tells them that she fell into the water and she felt afraid when she emerged.

There was some commotion as the people present tried to figure out what had transpired.

Boity then says she’s “fine”.

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When Bujy surfaces in the audio, a woman tells him to back off, asks him did he also do a reading and did his ancestors also reach out to him.

“Did she swim out?” he asked.

uBoity she’s still small, I’m glad I proved myself… Whose the bigger bitch now? ” adds Bujy.

“Don’t summon someone who can’t save you,” he says.

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Bujy released a statement on Thursday where he condemned the “behaviour and actions that occurred on the night”.

“However, I feel victimised as I was not given the opportunity to relay my side of the story,” wrote Bujy in a statement.

It has been reported by TimesLive that Boity has sent a letter of demand, demanding R1 million. He told the publication this action by Boity is a clear indication that she does not want to “resolve this” and that they were both at fault during that night.

Bujy has been charged with assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and released on R2,000 bail. He was also ordered to stay away from Boity and to not contact any of the witnesses who were present on the night.

Images of Boity’s gruesome injuries were shared on social media and many people flocked to Twitter to support Boity and call for justice.


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