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Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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22 Oct 2021
12:02 pm

INTERVIEW: A day spent with DJ Zinhle in her beautiful home

Kaunda Selisho

'The Citizen' spent the day at DJ Zinhle's house as she and her family wrapped up filming for her BET Africa reality show 'Unexpected'.

DJ Zinhle and her puppy Kleo during a diary session for BET Africa's 'DJ Zinhle: Unexpected'. Picture: Supplied

Is it just me or has the last month or two been a whirlwind in terms of what is going on in DJ Zinhle’s life?

It feels as though it was just yesterday that she confirmed the long-standing rumours that she was not only expecting her second child but that she would also be starring in a new reality show for BET Africa.

The popular musician simultaneously announced DJ Zinhle: Unexpected and the impending birth of her second child with her new partner Bongani Mohosana (Murdah Bongz from Black Motion) on 23 August.

A few weeks later, her baby girl named Asante was born and a few days after that, her show premiered.
And just like that, season one of her show has come to an end and The Citizen was invited into her home as she filmed her final diary session this week.

For the average person, a reality show seems like a straightforward process – cameras follow you around and you take some time out to talk about your day or your life. However, a lot more goes into the 22-45 minutes that audiences see when shows air.

Filming seems to take up much of DJ Zinhle’s day and it is really a full-time job. I had to wait for hours before she wrapped up her diary session.

As I entered her home for our chat, we see just how much her show impacts her life as one of her living areas has been cleared of all furniture and moved into other spaces in the home to make space for the set she shoots her diary sessions in.

Her home is as beautiful as fans suspect and I immediately ask if she would be willing to agree to a feature showcasing how her home is decorated.

This is because, for years, fans have gushed over what little they have seen of her home in the pictures and videos she shares on social media.

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“I would once-off but not as something in addition to everything I do,” said Zinhle when asked if she would ever allow the decor of her home to be profiled.

The conversation then moves to the topic of having people in her home – both for the purposes of shooting her show and the figuratively letting fans into her home though her show.

“It’s been crazy, a little bit invasive but luckily the people they brought here have been a pleasure to work with. They are very accommodating and understanding,” she says, before adding “People being in this house is just something that we’re used to.”

“We had a lot of conversations just to prepare for people being in the house around what the rules are and I think because they are a group of professionals who are used to things like this, they were really easy to work with,” explained the DJ.

Speaking of easy to work with, Zinhle says she was surprised by how keen her family was to do this with her and how accommodating they were of having camera crews film things they ordinarily do in private.

“I was quite surprised by their reaction because I thought they were going to say no or that they were shy but they were ready to go!”

“They just understood that this was something that I needed to do and that I needed to do it right and they were a very big part of that.”

Though she admits that it was tough to watch her show back on TV, she appreciated seeing herself from the outside looking in.

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She admits that interacting with viewers has been a bit hard due to her schedule but she tries to log on to social media occasionally and enjoys her followers’ humorous approach to repeating some of the things she says on the show.

Zinhle and Bongani have been pleasantly surprised to see just how interested people have been to see what they have to offer through the show.

Based on our interview and some scenes from the show, it is clear just how dedicated she is to her craft. She says she owes this to her biggest driving forces – her famiy and the well being of those she works with.

“I read a book once that talks about this guy that goes to war and there’s this part where the soldiers get kidnapped and they get tortured and he talks about how he survived because he had something to look forward to.

“So he says ‘a man survives better if he has something to look forward to,’ so I feel like with all the work that I do and with all the things that I do, just because of how blessed I am to just have the family that I have, the things I look forward to.”

She then mentions how, in that moment when we were speaking, what has kept her going all day is the fact that she gets to go upstairs to baby Asante and her dad.

“I don’t take anything for granted, I don’t take the crew’s efforts for granted and its amazing when all of us are coming together to just contribute to one vision. That’s why I commit so much to work and the rewards are great.

“I have so much to look forward to and be grateful for and that’s why I put in so much work.”