Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
10 Nov 2021
10:33 am

Penny Lebyane finally discovers reason behind stubborn belly fat

Lerato Maimela

After spending months struggling to lose her belly fat, Penny Lebyane found out that she has an umbilical hernia.

Penny Lebyane. Picture: Instagram

With summer approaching, many fitness-conscious people are starting to hit the gym more often to get their desired summer bods, and media personality Penny Lebyane is one of many who have been on a long and rewarding journey health and fitness.

Lebyane has been consistent in keeping her fans and followers in the loop regarding her fitness journey, with the gym and workout videos she shares on her social media pages, but her recent Instagram post took an unexpected turn, which left her followers a little concerned.

In the lengthy post, she started off by explaining that for the longest time, she has been struggling to lose her belly fat, despite all the hours she had spent in the gym with her fitness and gut coach and the drastic changes she made to her diet and lifestyle.

“Sadly, with all that hard work at the gym l have finally got to learn why my tummy won’t get flat actually. I’m told the more l do the stomach exercise, it will get worse my doctor says,” said Lebyane.

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She then said she used to joke around and tell people that she might need a tummy tuck because of her stubborn belly fat, and then revealed she recently found out that she has an umbilical hernia, which will need to be removed surgically.

“I have an umbilical hernia which will need repairing. I used to tease that l need tummy tuck well it looks like l was right – something needs to be tucked back in. I just didn’t know until recently,” said the media personality.

Penny’s followers took to the comment section of her post to assure her that she was going to be okay and that she has nothing to worry about, as the procedure is pretty simple.

An umbilical hernia is defined as a condition where your intestines poke through your abdominal muscles, at your belly button.

Umbilical hernias are usually seen in infants who are born with it, but can also be developed in adulthood.

If the hernia has developed in an infant, then it will usually close on its own between the ages of one and five.

Hernia’s in adults may need to be surgically repaired as they are large, and sometimes do not close on their own.