Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
18 Nov 2021
12:38 pm

Kim Jayde opens up about being cyberbullied

Lerato Maimela

Being born and raised in Zimbabwe, Kim Jayde says she has received a lot of xenophobic comments on social media from strangers.

Zimbabwe-born TV host Kim Jayde. Picture: Instagram

Zimbabwean TV host Kimberly Jayde Robinson, commonly known as Kim Jayde, has opened up about the bullying she has experienced over the years since becoming known by the public.

The 30-year-old took to social media to express how at this point in her life, she feels she has experienced every single form of cyberbullying, and that there is nothing more anyone can say which can shock her, because she has heard it all.

In a series of pictures she posted on her Instagram page, she is holding up a newspaper – which has unkind words she says have all been said to her on social media in 24 hours.

“Every statement printed in this newspaper is a direct message or a comment I received on Instagram in a 24-hour time frame,” said Kim.

In the caption, she says she has been body shamed numerous times and has been called fat and a whore, and that she has also experienced a lot of xenophobia.

“At this point I feel like I’ve heard it all. From being body shamed and called fat, to being called a whore, to xenophobic messages telling me to “get the f*ck out of SA & go back to Zimbabwe’,” she said.

Kim Jayde also expressed that when she decided to follow her dreams, she did not think she would be subjected to so much hate from strangers, but soon learned that the hurtful comments made by others were not her burden.

“When I decided to chase my dream, I never imagined it would be met with so much cruelty from total strangers via social media. Its called ‘cyberbullying’. I’ve come to learn (partly through seeking professional help) that hurt people hurt people! And the words and actions of others are not my responsibility or burden to take on,” said the public figure.

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The TV host ends her post by saying she is sharing her experience with cyberbullying so that others who may be in the same shoes as her do not feel alone.

She also asks people who need help with overcoming the effects of cyberbullying to seek out help and talk to someone who can guide them through their journey.

“I’m sharing my experience with cyberbullying so that anyone going through it knows they’re not alone! Our children are taking their lives because of the constant cyberbullying on social media!

“If you need help, please ask! There are multiple resources and support systems to help you get through it,” said Robinson.