Sandisiwe Mbhele
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14 Jun 2022
2:59 pm

Khanyi Mbau says ‘Somizi is welcome’ at Comedy Central Roast

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Khanyi Mbau says her roast is 'open season' as she's got nothing to hide.

Khanyi Mbau is excited for her Comedy Central Roast. Picture: Supplied

Controversial, funny and not too hung up about what people have to say about her. Who better to be the first black African female to be roasted on Comedy Central than Khanyi Mbau?

With a career that has spanned two decades, Comedy Central Africa has decided that Mbau will not only be the subject of their first post-pandemic roast but that she will be the first African woman to do so. 

Since 2003, the Comedy Central Roast has “honoured” celebrated personalities by making fun of them – often in the most offensive ways imaginable.

It’s considered the most public platform that celebrity friends, media personalities and comedians can go below the belt on the roastee.

Speaking to The Citizen, Mbau said the Comedy Roast is an ode to her long-standing career, a sort of appreciation of what she has brought to the industry.

“This is going to be a moment of all roasts and as the first African black female to do it, there will be a first of many.”

The tone Mbau wants to set as the first is to have women let go of their insecurities. 

“We carry our baggage so much, it creates fear for us, this is me trying to say to women if I can do this in a room full of strangers all you need to do, is go in the room is look at yourself and embrace all your insecurities.”  

Somizi ‘welcomed’

Mbau said her roast is “an open season, it an open floor, step on, step up and come play”. 

Recently, the actress who appears as the lead on Showmax’s The Wife: Zandile the Resolute‘s name was mentioned during Somizi Mhlongo’s latest episode in Living the Dream with Somizi. Somizi claimed he hadn’t talked to Mbau in months after she went silent on a planned trip to Cape Town where she did not pitch up or pay her portion for the private jet or accommodation. 

“On the day, she went silent, Ndo made reservations for her, he booked for her and she didn’t show up,” Somizi alleges.

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Mbau, who was in Dubai when the episode aired, said she hasn’t watched the episode.

“I haven’t spoken to Somizi but if he wants to come throw stuff, as he is part of the roast family, he is super welcomed.”

Because she has been quite an open figure in the public eye, making headlines for bleaching her skin, her changing looks, her lifestyle and her relationships, Mbau says she has nothing to hide and roasters can play around with any topic.

“Say it to my face, it is part of the game. I just think life, in general, is below the belt, nothing will be below the belt for me,” she adds.

Having had an opportunity to be on Kenny Kunene’s roast in 2014 as one of the panellists, Mbau says the biggest concern on the night is what people are wearing as it is easy picking for jokes.

Comedy Central Roasts can be considered quite vulgar and only suitable for adults over 18. For this reason, Mbau won’t have her 15-year-old daughter Khanukani (Khanz) in attendance. 

“Because kids have access to everything, she’s probably going to see it. But one thing is nice about my daughter when she sees something [online] she will come to me to say she didn’t like something.” 

Mbau says Khanz has watched AKA’s roast. “All she said to me if I was ready, are you sure that you are doing this?”

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The star said she is back in South Africa for a short period and shooting of season three of The Wife hasn’t been confirmed but she will be ready once production calls. 

Comedy Central Africa’s Khanyi Mbau’s roast will premiere on DStv channel 122 in August.