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Michelle Loewenstein
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10 Oct 2013
6:00 am

Fashion’s first lady Azania Mosaka

Michelle Loewenstein

If you're a fan of radio and television personality Azania Mosaka, then you'll know that she's seldom seen looking anything other than chic.

Azania Mosaka poses for the cameras. Image supplied

Which is why it makes perfect sense that she has been chosen as the first face of the Sansui Summer Cup, a glitzy horseracing event that attracts culture vultures from around the country who come dressed to kill. Mosaka took some time to discuss things style-related.

Who are your style icons?

My style icons are JJ Schoeman, Carolina Herrera, Sheldon Kopman, and Noni Gasa.


Venezuelan-American fashion designer Carolina Herrera is one of  Azania Mosaka's style icons. Picture: AFP.

Venezuelan-American fashion designer Carolina Herrera is one of Azania Mosaka’s style icons. Picture: AFP.


Do you see yourself as a fashion icon?

Not at all, I just dress in what I like and what expresses my personality. Fashion is intensely personal so I enjoy finding ways to express who I am through it. If it influences other people then that’s a wonderful consequence. I love clothes and fashion and how fun it really is. I was very proud and delighted to be recently named the ambassador for this year’s Sansui Summer Cup. I really look forward to “Colour to Conquer” – this year’s theme – which will give me the chance to show a powerful expression of stand-out style and glorious colour.

What three items in your closet could you not live without?

1. My black jeans – I have several pairs in the pursuit of finding the perfect fit.

2. My emerald green maxi dress – I feel like a goddess when I wear it with heels. It just elongates me and makes me look taller than I am.

3. My fitted leather biker jacket – I love the lines and it lifts any outfit.

How would you characterise your own style?

I think my style is definitely the classic look with fashionable touches. I want to be comfortable because I have an easy way about dressing, but definitely well put together and chic. I love the classic pieces but have a drawer full of scarves, gloves, purses and gorgeous shoes. The fashionable element is because I love local designer pieces and also enjoy dressing up. I’m all about the big city and my palette is black and more black. The Sansui Summer Cup is a wonderful way for me to explore and add explosions of different colours because black won’t cut it at the racecourse.


Azania 3


What are your top five style tips?

1. Don’t buy according to trends, but items you love. Some trends will pass you by but you won’t be stuck with clothes you hate.

2. Be true to your own self expression. Don’t roll with the pack. Do you?

3. Choose one. And one being the part of the body you want to expose with any look on any day. Exposing the legs and the cleavage and the back and the midriff all at once is tacky. Be a class act.

4. Invest in great underwear that fits properly. If you have a big bosom, don’t force ill-fitting thin strapped bras. So get measured and buy the right bras.

5. Great accessories can make a simple outfit great. So invest in great hats, bags, shoes and jewellery.


Azania 4


What, in your mind, is key to achieving timeless elegance?

Timeless elegance has to be simplistic and sophisticated. So simple classic lines. Invest in quality basic items that outlast and out live trends such as hats by the Little Hattery.

If you could choose any designer in the world to create an outfit for you, who would it be and why?

Internationally I’d pick Carolina Herrera and locally I’d choose Sheldon Kopman. JJ Schoeman always has great collaborations to help you dazzle at events.