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Ari Lennox explains why she deleted her response to Mr Smeg’s tweet

American singer Ari Lennox lashed out at a Twitter influencer known as 'Mr Smeg'.

Ari Lennox has rubbed South African tweeps the wrong way once again after she shared her disliking of one popular “Twitter celeb”. 

The RnB singer does not have a great relationship with the country, and it all started because of an inappropriate question from Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho which was followed by constant online abuse from local netcitizens defending the popular podcaster. 

In January, MacG fans bullied Lennox after she spoke out about how she felt about MacG’s conduct during an interview.

He asked her if someone has been “f**king her good right now”. Lennox was highly offended by the question however MacG supporters felt it was justified because the question was a reference to her lyrics. 

Lennox declared she will never visit SA, blocked the country on Twitter at one point and said she would never conduct interviews again.

There is clearly some bad blood left as she lashed out at Twitter influencer Mr Smeg (real name Michael Bucwa) on Wednesday.

He tweeted she was a beautiful woman and asked when was she visiting SA.

Lennox was not fond of the question and responded: “No thanks Smega. Your entire existence is nauseating.”

Many people reshared the tweet which Lennox later deleted.

An AKA fan account tweeted: “I can’t help but think Ari Lennox feels like she is above us or something. I can vividly imagine her oozing arrogance when she tweets at South Africans.

Lennox lashed out at Mr Smeg, as he was one of the culprits who bullied her during the MacG scandal, tweeting she wasn’t a beautiful woman and the music artist hasn’t forgotten this.

Mr Smeg is a content creator who gained popularity for his insistence on including a kettle and other appliances from the high-end Italian kitchen appliance brand Smeg in photos posted to his social media accounts.

Lennox justified why she deleted her tweet to Mr Smeg.

She responded to a fan, who said she shouldn’t have, saying; “it’s not worth my job. It’s not worth the tons of opportunities happening.”

The tweets subsequently led to the two trending on Twitter, with many people weighing in.

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