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Atandwa, Anele and Thembisa Mdoda lock horns

It seems Kani only started watching Our Perfect Wedding now that his ex-wife is not presenting.

What we have learned from our celebrities lately is that break-ups should stay off social media and that baby mamas should not be shaded. We witnessed this with AKA and DJ Zinhle, whose very public twar had people asking how they could ever recover from it.

This time around, it was Atandwa Kani, whose opinion on Our Perfect Wedding received a backlash from his former sister-in-law, Anele Mdoda, and ex-wife, Thembisa Mdoda. Thembisa has been off the show for weeks now, with her sister Anele and Jessica Nkosi filling in for her until her return.

The wedding show seems to have been depriving Kani of fun by making his ex-wife a presenter. Before the show started on Sunday, Kani tweeted: “Please be Jessica Nkosi PLEASE!!!!” and later again “YES!!!! it’s Jessica Nkosi, Finally I can watch Our Perfect Wedding … She’s beautiful and talented…” There were all tweets that rubbed Anele up the wrong way.

We know she never shies away from giving people a piece of her mind, and she threw the shade right back at him, tweeting: “Kaloku watshata kwi balcony ye summercon townhouse (You got married on a Summercon townhouse balcony) hence he can’t wait our perfect wedding. Prince of theatre yamas*mba!”

Her sister Thembisa Mdoda added her two cents, tweeting: “Akho ndoda pha. Ubukhwenkwe obuphindaphindiweyo (There is no man here, only a boy who refuses to grow up).”

Kani’s tweets received criticism from Twitter users, who called him “petty”. Some questioned the state of his marriage to Fikile Mthwalo-Kani, saying it must be “so sour” if he felt the need to badmouth his ex-wife.

This is not Atandwa and Anele’s first twar. The first came after Kani and Thembisa’s marriage started going sour, with him accusing his then wife of cheating. Anele took to Twitter to defend her sister, saying Kani was just trying to avoid his daddy duties, words she may well have regretted saying after Kani later confirmed to Drum magazine that Thembisa’s twins were not his.

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