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Blake Lively gets beauty tips from make-up artists

Blake Lively rarely looks online for beauty inspiration and instead seeks advice from hair and make-up artists on photoshoots.

Blake Lively picks up beauty tips on photoshoots.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress prefers to style herself for red carpet events and stays in the loop about hair and beauty trends by getting advice from professional stylists rather than searching online.

She told The Cut magazine: “I like doing my own make-up and hair for events. I think it’s fun. I didn’t know they did [make-up] on YouTube. But I’m luckily through doing photoshoots, I get to work with so many amazing hair and make-up artists.

“That’s my version of YouTube. How do you do Veronica Lake hair? And like, today, with Serge Normant, I get to ask him, ‘How do you do that? What did you do?’ ”

The 26-year-old blonde claims Gucci Premiere has become her signature fragrance because it feels appropriate for every occasion.

Blake said: “I really do wear Gucci Premiere every day … When you switch up fragrances, what’s missing is that power. That potion power. That special power. Like when I smell my mom. Or when I smell my sister … it’s a superpower! Or a love potion.

“I didn’t have that signature fragrance because I was changing the fragrance depending upon the time and place. But having a fragrance that feels appropriate in all those settings, that’s a new and cool thing to have.”

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