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‘Brave girl’: Reactions after Elsa Majimbo ‘exposed’ Naomi Campbell

Social media rallied behind Elsa Majimbo after she opened up about her fallout with the American supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Social media rallied behind Elsa Majimbo after she opened up about her fallout with the American supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In the video that’s making rounds on social media, the Internet sensation accused Naomi of almost ending her career.

She said the ordeal began in 2020 when Naomi asked her to join her on vacation. Elsa said during the holiday, Naomi suggested that they do a documentary about living in Kenya.

“And I was like, oh yeah, that’s fantastic. She introduced me to a couple of people in Hollywood. So, a couple of people she was on vacation with were all coming to Nairobi after the vacation. They were staying at the Kempinski.

“So, I went to see them at the Kempinski when the whole thing was over. I was talking to one of them, and one of them was like, oh, like how did you meet Naomi? And I was like, oh no, I texted her on Instagram, blah blah, and she was like, oh yeah, she told us like she made you and she built you and she made your career.”

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It was downhill from there

Elsa said she told them that was not true. She said fast forward to March 2022, she received a call from Naomi.

“She’s like, ‘Elsa how dare you!’ oh so I’m in shock and I don’t know what’s going on… The previous year I had done a documentary about my life, bullying, growing up, and how I fell in love with comedy.

“The film was debuting at a Tribeca Film Festival and someone from Tribeca asked Naomi if she was coming. Naomi thought the film was the film she had suggested to me on the beach about me living in Kenya.”

She said she tried to explain to Naomi that it was not the documentary she had suggested during their holiday but despite Elsa’s attempts to clarify, Naomi threatened legal action.

“I tried explaining to her and then she was like, ‘I’ll sue you for the rights of this movie and you know I’ll win right?’ I was like I will call you tomorrow. I was supposed to call her the next day, it was a 22-hour flight, and in Ethiopia, there was no service.

“So, I called her the day after, and she was like you were supposed to call me yesterday, and you didn’t… I have the MET gala, and this is the last time I am talking to you. Have a nice life, and she hung up… A few months after that, things started going very bad for me…”

Watch the full video below for more details

Social media reactions

Elsa has since deleted the video, citing peace of mind. However, social media have continued to share their views and here are a few reactions.

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