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WATCH: Dineo Ranaka and Sonia Mbele talk about their failed marriages

Dineo’s new show premiered on Podcast & Chill Network’s YouTube channel earlier this month.

Award-winning actress Sonia Mbele was a guest on Dineo Ranaka’s episode 3 of Dineo On Sex ‘n Stuff.

They spoke about marriage, divorce, and working on all the aspects of their lives after the divorce.

Introducing the topic, Dineo said divorce has the potential to “cripple you, impact your social image, and make you second guess and doubt your own choices”.

The former Generations actress said before walking out of her eight-year-old marriage, she prayed for her kids to one day see their father for who he is.

“While I was there [marriage] and waking up to the dawn of who are you, who did I marry, and living with that person every day and realising this is a ‘MF’. In the world though, I’m in my space with my children, trying to say he is the problem, and everyone going, you can’t be right.

“Praying that one day my children, not everyone else – but my children, wake up to see him for who and what he really is, and that day happened. My son woke up one day and said angisafuni uk’hlala na this guy [I don’t want to stay with this guy anymore],” she said.

Sonia said she learned that the house she was staying in for eight years was not her house.

“There were two paragraphs that I signed, and then a third paragraph was added after signing that basically said this is not your house. You found it standing, while I found it flat. I was there from digging the foundation.

‘I was being pushed down the stairs’ – Dineo Ranaka

Dineo said her relationship was perfect until her ex-husband paid Lobola.

“[Everything changed] I picked out this attitude, and I was like where is my best friend? I was being called a whore, being pushed down the stairs,” she said.

Her marriage with him lasted for three months. She said he was previously in a thirteen-year long marriage.

“I said to him, you put your first wife through thirteen years of misery, and you think I am going to sit and try to measure up to that timeline?

“When I sit in interviews and speak about boundaries that I set in my life, that thing is not a joke. If you violate my boundaries, it means that you think so little of me.”

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