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Film director Ofentse Mwase’s Facebook prank fight with King Monada tricks followers

Mwase makes humorous content together with his wife, Nelisiwe Mwase on their YouTube channel.

Film director Ofentse Mwase had most of his followers concerned when he shared a post on Facebook attacking muso King Monada, but fortunately some of his followers read the lengthy post until the end to realise it was only a prank.

“In just 10 minutes I had over a 100 comments to the post. People were mad and confused because I don’t post things like this,” Mwase told The Citizen.

Mwase wrote the Facebook post with scathing tone, which was made more realistic by the storyline about a disagreement relating to the shooting of a music video.

“Yes I’m mentioning you on Facebook because I am not about the indirect business. I don’t know what your problem is, but you are so fake. You wanna start acting funny just cause I don’t wanna shoot your video?” Mwase wrote in the post accompanied by triggering emojies.

The idea to post the prank came after Mwase saw a relative’s post on Facebook, where she attacked someone on Facebook which made Mwase curious.  “I just kept reading that post and I was like ‘this is not my aunt’. Only when I got to the end I realised it was a joke, it didn’t sound like her,” said Mwase.

Mwase said he chose Monada because he wanted to make the prank more realistic. “I have these people on my timeline, the likes of DJ Fresh and other famous people I’ve worked with in the past,” said Mswase.

King Monada commented on the post and took it for what it was. When The Citizen contacted Monada’s team they said, “Those are new trends, not reality.”

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People don’t read

Mwase is a filmmaker and co-founder of Ofentse Mwase Films. With more than a decade of experience in film, commercials and music Videos Mwase has won multiple globally recognised awards for his Director Of Photography (DOP) and directing work.

The director said what made the prank work was that people generally never read long posts.

“We generally never read the whole thing and people [end] up being angry and hurling insults because they didn’t read the whole thing,” averred Mwase. But there were a handful of those who thought that this could very well be a joke, because they know Mwase for posting funny content.

Outside of the behind-the-scenes work he extensively does, Mwase makes humorous content together with his wife, Nelisiwe Mwase. “With our YouTube channel we take what’s trending in the country, and make a video of it.”

Some of the funny content has Mswase doing spoofs of himself in actual movie scenes. In one hilarious video from a few years ago, Mwase can be seen conversing with the John Wick character about the looting in South Africa.

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