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Gareth Cliff: Somizi is 44, but sleeps with much younger men

Unathi Msengana and Gareth Cliff have shared what happens in the Idols SA change rooms and their colleagues' sexual habits.

Idols SA judge and former Metro FM presenter Unathi Msengana revealed the hilarious things that happen behind the scenes at Idols SA in an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central on Tuesday.

Among other things, the duo spoke about Unathi’s book that she’s planning to write on weight loss, titled A Better You. She said one of the reasons she was writing the book was a woman who once approached her while she was in gym and told her she had a problem of getting tired when she was on top during sex. She then told the woman she had to work on herself to be able to do three rounds in heels.

It was this conversation that led to a whole lot of things about sex and the nakedness that takes place in the Idols SA change rooms, which is what has maintained Somizi Mhlongo, Gareth and Unathi’s friendship.

“We’re disgusting, we’re complete perverts, the things we talk about. We’re not perverts, we’re sexual beings.”

Somizi, who likes to remind Unathi that he’s 44, will apparently say anything about sex. Gareth further revealed that though Somizi is 44, the guys he sleeps with are much younger.

Randall is “a player”, said Gareth. He apparently even has a kit.

“I didn’t say he’s got a sex kit, I said he’s got a kit. I love you Mr A, I can’t, he’s gonna kill me. He’ll never forgive me,” said Unathi.

“He will actually kill us because he knows people who actually do that. He rolls in different circles,” said Gareth, adding on to what Unathi said about Randall.

The trio have changed in front of each other, as they like sharing a change room.

“We all got changed in front of each other at Idols; I must have seen Unathi’s titties a couple of times, Somizi’s ass all the time,” said Gareth, while Randall was always in his briefs, added Unathi.

“They’d see three of us naked or half-naked, and they would go, ‘guys what’s going on’? And we would tell them to come in,” said Gareth.

Unathi further revealed it took Proverb a while to get used to their nakedness.

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