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Is this Bonang or Somizi? Twitter debates

We're not sure if it's celebs spending too much time together or too much make-up that's causing this case of mistaken identity.

Female celebrities always share their pictures on social media praising their make-up artists for the face beat, getting loads of comments from fans who say they’re beautiful.

However, there are moments when the make-up leaves fans struggling to figure out who the person in the picture is. It’s almost as if the make-up, meant to enhance their beauty, completely changes them.

A picture Somizi Mhlongo shared on Instagram three weeks ago has resurfaced and there is a case of mistaken identity.

Some fans said he looked gorgeous, and the contouring was on point, but admitted they could not recognise him.

Now Twitter is having a debate as to who is actually in the picture Somizi shared on Instagram. Though he wrote in the caption that it was his face and Nthato Mashishi caused all this havoc of mistaken identity, people are still not sure hey.

While some said it was Somizi, some went for his former best friend, Bonang Matheba, saying one can never be too sure with these celebs always wearing tons of make-up.

Some of the names that came up were Lebo Mathosa, Tyra Banks, Bucie Nqwiliso, and yeah, Unathi Msengana also made it to the list.

Another celebrity whose make-up is confusing some people is that of former Our Perfect Wedding presenter and actor Jessica Nkosi.

Nkosi wrote in the caption: “Her name is @preciousxabamakeup … and she can paint…. so well… so well 🎨 This was my makeup for the #vcmasterspolo 👚 #LoveItWhenSheTouchesMyFaces.”

Responding to the picture, poet Ntsiki Mazwai said she looked white.

“I do not see any whiteness in this pics. I support you in most of your statements but this time ai, could it be jealousy,” wrote one of her followers.

Another said she looked clean and advised Mazwai to try being clean. However, the poet did not back down, saying she could not have been clean with that “dirty” make-up.

“Is she creaming? If they hadn’t mentioned that it was her, I wouldn’t have recognised her cabanga,” said one of Mazwai’s followers, while another said had they not seen “Jessica Nkosi”, they would have thought she was “a white girl with a fake tan.”

Check out her picture below:

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