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Did Jojo Robinson’s plastic surgery obsession inspire Nonku Williams to get her lips done?

Much like the cast of The Real Housewives of Durban, the show's fans believe Jojo Robinson has a strong influence on Nonku Williams

A lot has happened on the third season of The Real Housewives of Durban, but Jojo Robinson’s obsession with plastic surgery has been among the most standout topics of the season. 

From suggesting surgery to her castmate and ex-friend Annie Mthembu when she confided in her about being bullied for her “lazy eye”, to taking her husband to get his face tightened up, Jojo has been preaching the nip-and-tuck gospel to anyone who would listen. 

‘About 20 procedures’ 

She continued spreading the nip-and-tuck gospel in a recent interview where she quantified how much work she had done for East Coast Radio host and award-winning voice-over artist Carol Ofori. 

“I don’t think I can count, like I would have to literally have to sit and count them. But all together maybe 20 plus,” began Jojo. 

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“Major surgeries maybe six or seven. My first surgery was a plain breast augmentation where they just cut under the boob, they didn’t do the lift, they just put the boobs in,” she added.

The pair were chatting about the phenomenon of mommy makeovers which has seen women with children turn to plastic surgeons all over the world in record numbers to address their concerns after having children. 

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Nonku’s new lips

In a recent post opening up about her own journey, fellow The Real Housewives of Durban cast mate Nonku Williams confirmed that she had gotten filler and botox done with her own surgeon. 

“So y’all know I’ve been on my transformation journey of living good, feeling and getting snatched! Or should I say #Klutched! I recently got some filler and Botox done by the amazingly talented @klutchplasticsurgery,” she wrote tagging the surgeon who had completed her procedures. 

“I was so nervous because I hate needles. The procedure was kinda uncomfortable but nothing too unbearable. And the result is so damn worth it!” she added along with a short Instragram reel documenting the process. 

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The choice to get fillers comes after an entire season of her making fun of her other cast mate, Maria Valaskatzis, who has noticeably large lips. 

Fans of the show have found Nonku’s choice ironic considering her comments on Maria’s looks. 

‘I see you Jojo’ 

In addition to calling out Nonku’s hypocrisy, fans have also wondered if Jojo is the one who influenced Nonku’s decision. 

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