WATCH: Jojo Robinson shows off her new tattoo

The internet personality Jojo Robinson is at it again with tattoos and this time, she got a new one on her butt.

Media personality and The Real Housewives of Durban star Jojo Robinson has a passion for tattoos, openly displaying them for all to see.

Jojo has expressed her intention to acquire additional tattoos, recently adding another one on her bum. She even invited her fans on this artistic journey.

Jojo went on Instagram and posted a video of her getting a new tattoo on her butt.

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Tattoos a symbol of personal growth

On 27 February 2023, Jojo took to Instagram and shared with her fans that she wants to become the most tattooed person in South Africa.

She also mentioned that tattoos have a magic of their own and not only do they decorate the body, but they also enhance the soul.

“Often, I get asked what my tattoos mean. Most of my tattoos in themselves have no meaning, but the act of getting them is the actual meaning to me.

“For me, it became a way to cover up the old me and become a new version of myself. A Literal cover up from the outside in,” said Jojo.

The star also stated that the tattoos played a role in her journey of overcoming the past and progressing forward.

“Tattoos helped me move forward and disassociate myself from the person that accepted the treatment I was subjected to in the past. They helped me realise that I don’t need to fit in to be loved, I just have to be me,” added Jojo.

Jojo Robinson. Picture: Instagram@JojoRobinson
Jojo Robinson. Picture: Instagram@JojoRobinson

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‘My tattoos are who I am’

According to Jojo Robinson, she values her tattoos greatly as they hold significant meaning in her life and contribute to her sense of self.

In a recent instagram post, she expressed that she no longer feels familiar with her past self. She also said she finds it intriguing how the mind undergoes a transformative journey while getting a tattoo.

“I don’t know or recognise the person I once was, nor do I now look like her. It’s weird how the brain works, through the process of getting tattoed, I managed to completely disconnect from that person and become someone so much more powerful in my own right.

“I used that person as a lesson to always be grateful for the life I have now, but at the same time, I don’t see her in me anymore.”

“My tattoos are who I am, and I am so proud of the person I became,” added Jojo.

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