WATCH: SK Khoza claims his fiancée tried to kill him

SK Khoza shared a video of himself lying in a hospital bed and claimed his fiancée tried to kill him.

In recent years, actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza has gained attention for reasons unrelated to his acting skills. This all started when his first baby mama, Gogo Maweni, publicly criticised him for neglecting his parental responsibilities.

After his appearance on a e.TV telenovela Black Door, it appears that the actor’s life has taken a dramatic turn.

This time, his fiancée Choice Kate Mathebula is at the centre of the storm, indicating that there may be turbulence in their relationship. To add to the chaos, the actor now finds himself hospitalised.

The actor shared a video of himself lying in a hospital bed, claiming his fiancée tried to kill him.

Watch: SK Khoza accuses fiancée of almost killing him

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SK was allegedly in an abusive relationship

In the video, SK declares that he will no longer stay silent about the abuse.

To the women who physically abuse men out there, I’m done keeping quiet so I’m out here talking. So yeah, I’m talking, yeah, I said it – Choice Kate Mathebula beat me… Yo, I got injuries all over my body right now,” said Khoza in the video.

Khoza claimed what happened was not a fight, and that he was beaten by his fiancée.

“Please do not call it a physical fight, I was beaten, right? A fight is when you fight back…,” he stated in the video.

He said he almost lost a finger and an ear during the fight. He also claimed to have “basically two broken knees”.

He alleged Mathebula used a spatula, tin opener and a knife during the fight.

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SK wishes his mother was around

SK Khoza even wished his mother was there.

“I wish my mom were around… she’d be dragging that girl.”

SK’s mother is radio personality of Ukhozi FM, Dudu ‘Lady Du’ Khoza.

During SK’s live video, he claimed that it was 2am. As a result, he couldn’t reach out to his mother or immediate family.

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