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‘I can confidently say that I’ve found a balance,’- Ntobeko Sishi on his acting and love for music

Ntobeko Sishi spoke to The Citizen about his two passion, acting and music plus finding the balance between the art forms.

Early this year young actor Ntobeko Sishi made headlines when he exited Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Gomora because he wanted to focus more on his other passion, music.

Sishi is back on television with STOUT, a drama on eMedia’s eVOD-eVOD is a subscription-free streaming platform powered by eMedia, the owners of e.tv.

“After shooting STOUT and Gomora, there was a bit of overlap when I started focusing on my music career. Now, I can confidently say that I’ve found a balance,” Sishi tells The Citizen.

“Although I’m dedicating more time to making music, I’m not currently working on any set. My full focus is on my music, and I’ve learned to give all my energy to one passion at a time without trying to juggle both. It’s been a rewarding experience!”

Stout tells the story of a troublesome teenager, Lumko, portrayed by Sishi. Lumko gets a harsh reality check when he finds himself in a reform school for delinquent youth.

This harsh world forces him to face his mistakes and fears so he can become the best version of himself. A close family friend uses his influence to get Lumko a lighter sentence: being enrolled in Jonah’s House for Boys (JHB), an institution for troublesome (and troubled) young men – in effect, a “stout school.”

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The music

The 25 year-old’s music is a combination of R&B, Hip Hop and other world music. He cites Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Drake as some of his sonic influences.

He released a nine track project A Night in The Hills this year and has two other projects under his belt.

“Releasing these collections of music has been an incredible journey for me. And yes, there are more exciting projects in the pipeline, with new music slated for release next year. Can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

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Portraying Lumko

Sishi, who was raised by his aunt and uncle after the passing of his mother at the age of nine, says there aren’t a lot of similarities between him and Lumko.

“In high school, I wasn’t mischievous at all. I was actually quite disciplined and even served as a prefect. Academically, I did very well and achieved straight As. However, Lumko and I share similarities in our experiences of finding belonging in new environments,” explains the actor.

“In both primary school and high school, I had to adjust to new schools where I didn’t know anyone, and it took some time to find my place. That’s something I can relate to with my character.”

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He says the depth of his character on the tv show is what attracted him to the script. “He goes through significant experiences, and his journey is not just shaped by his past but also by the people he meets along the way. The opportunity for redemption and growth excited me.”

He hopes the drama helps people get a better understanding of troubled youth, who are often misunderstood.

“I hope viewers understand that “stout” kids aren’t just troublemakers for no reason. There’s often a deeper story behind their behaviour.”

“It’s essential to realize that these children might have faced traumatic events in their lives, leading them to act out. What they truly need is understanding, love, and acceptance.”

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