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Prince William dethrones Vin Diesel as the world’s sexiest bald man of 2023

The world's Top 5 sexiest bald men have been revealed...

A recent survey has found that The Prince of Wales, Prince William, is the world’s sexiest bald man of 2023.

According to an SEO agency, Reboot, this year, the Prince of Wales scored 9.88/10 once again, making him the sexiest bald man of 2023.

Reboot also revealed that the Prince’s smooth scalp scored 74% for the shine factor, his face scored 72% on the golden ratio and his voice an attractive score of 9.91/10.

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They also shared on how the process to identify the sexiest celebrity bald man was performed, focusing on four factors: Net worth and height, golden ratio facial proximity, vocal attractiveness and global search interest for shirtless or naked celebs.

“Firstly, the experts compiled a seed list of 20 notable bald celebrities and obtained each of their net worth in $ millions and height in metres from Celebrity Net Worth and Wikipedia.

“Next, utilising computer vision algorithms, high-resolution images of all celebrities analysed were collected to calculate the geometric golden ratio proximity for each celebrity’s face,” the SEO agency said.

For more information on the methodology, you can visit www.rebooonline.com.

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Here are four other men who made it to the top five of the world’s sexiest bald men of 2023 list

2. Vin Diesel

Sitting at number two this year is the Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, who took the title last year, dethroning The Prince of Wales. Vin’s final sexy score this year is 8.81/10.

Reboot found that his bald head ranked number one for shine factor out of all the celebrities compared as part of the study, with a score of 74%. Additionally, his deep, sultry voice scored an 8.83 out of 10 for attractiveness.

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3. Jason Statham

The British actor is third on the list this year, with a final score of 8.51/10. He is a winner when it comes to the golden ratio, with the top facial symmetry score (79%) on the list.

Jason also boasts 26,000 global yearly searches for him ‘shirtless’ and ‘naked’ to testify to his desirable physique, and an appealing cranial shine factor score of 73%.

4. Samuel L. Jackson

The 74-year-old scored a golden ratio of 73%. With a deep and confident voice, the veteran American actor achieves a 7.36 for vocal attractiveness, earning him an overall sexiness score of 7.31/10.

5. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s wealthiest men, scored an overall 7.12/10 for sexiness. Reboot said he stands the shortest on the list at 5 ft 6 (about 168 cm), adding: “ Bezos makes up for it in the public interest, in which over 52,000 people around the globe this year have been surprisingly curious in their search for ‘shirtless’ and ‘naked’ pictures of the billionaire, accumulating more fascination for his bared chest than any other celebrity on the list.”

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