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‘Hope he is safe’: J Molley fans express concern after rapper ‘overdoses’ live on social media

It's been at two days since rapper J Molley announced his plans on X to commit suicide.

Fans are concerned about rapper and Love & Hip Hop SA star J Molley (real name is Jesse Mollett) after he posted a series of alarming messages on social media suggesting he was in the process of committing suicide.

It has been two days since the rapper’s last post on X, and there have been no updates on his well-being.

According to Briefly News, the rapper is said to have taken Xanax and live-tweeting his emotions, before paramedics reportedly recovered him. 

‘Valhalla, I’m coming’ – J Molley

On Thursday, J Molley posted a series of tweets which left his fans deeply concerned.

His tweets included various troubling statements, such as:

“One thing about this life is you have to spend money to make money. Also, it’s better making foreign currency. Last thing, remember money doesn’t buy happiness.

“It will never rid you of the trauma you’ve been through. Only death can do that.”

He continued with, “Valhalla, I’m coming… I see y’all don’t know what Valhalla means. I’ll meet you all there.”

Rapper’s social media ‘suicide’ slammed as attention-seeking ploy

Many netizens took J Molley’s tweet lightly and started criticising him, claiming this was merely an “attention-seeking” ploy.

In addressing his critics, the rapper wrote:

“Carry on with your jokes, you heartless c$*ts. You’re the biggest reason I’ll be dead in 30 minutes. It’s already done. No one knows where I am and nobody can save me. No one cares though. Bye, guys.”

He added: “Look at all the jokes. You wonder why I’m about to be dead? It’s not hard to figure out. As a human who has an IQ of 156, Mensa certified, I have to live amongst these people with IQs of 80. God, please forgive me.”

J Molley’s distressing messages were posted just a few days after he announced the release of his new single, titled Life or Death.

In his promotional tweets, he urged fans to share and support his new music, expressing a desire to heal the world through his work.

 In 2022, J Molley took a lengthy hiatus from social media, during which he openly discussed his battles with mental health and addiction.

Netizens express their concern for J Molley

Many social media users have shared their concerns for J Molley, saying they hope he is fine – wherever he is. Here are a few reactions from X.

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