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Teen star Chrissy J de Beer drops new single ‘Pieces of Me’

During the pandemic she wrote and recorded her debut single, High Five.

Who ever said being young and a budding teenager should be an obstacle to ambition? Chrissy J de Beer is not letting anything hold her back. The 12-year-old singer, actor, dancer, and model plans to make waves wherever she goes. If new release is a foreshadowing of imminent success, then De Beer’s on the right track.

De Beer has just released her fourth single, Pieces of Me, an upbeat pop track and a tribute to the people she’s met and places she’s been. “I’ve met so many people and visited so many places that all form part of my singing journey so far. They make up the Pieces of Me, who I am and what I stand for, and they inspire me to be a better version of myself,” she shared.

Locked down but not out

Rewind to lockdown. During the pandemic she wrote and recorded her debut single, High Five. Reflecting on that time, she said, “During Covid-19 lockdown, the whole world was turned upside down and a lot of stuff was done online and from home. I missed my friends and just wanted to give them a high five or a hug.”

High Five was the beginning of her career in music. It also happened during a time when physical contact was impossible, making creative collaboration a digital endeavour. With the help of a producer, she would write the song, then Zoom confer, refine the lyrics and rhythm during online chinwags.

“Everything was suddenly done differently, and I had to adjust to the new norm. My song gave me hope and made me feel less lonely and scared,” she shared. The challenges of producing music during such an unprecedented time didn’t deter her. “I wouldn’t see it as a challenge but rather a blessing in disguise because I had the time to be creative in my writing and technology made it easier for me to Zoom with my producer,” she said.

“I initially wrote the song for myself, but after receiving positive feedback, it made me believe in myself that I can do this more often, so I decided to start on my second single, ‘Be Yourself.’” She learned quickly that while not everyone would like her music, it was important that her songs had meaning and came from the heart. “Every year I write a new song, I learn something new about myself. I grow and learn as things happen and change in my life and during my journey,” she noted.

Despite her young age, De Beer said her music appeals to a wide audience. “I think it’s because I write about everyday stuff that happens to everybody on a daily basis,” she said. “If I connect and make a difference in one person’s life, it is enough.”

Chrissy manages her time

Balancing her budding career in singing, acting, dancing, and modelling requires careful time management, considering she must complete an education on top of it all, too.  She said that she keeps herself grounded with rest days where she plays video games or rides her hoverboard. “The next thing I would like to learn is how to crochet,” she added. She also enjoys playing golf and has a passion for interior design, suggesting she might even redo her parents’ house one day, “with their money, of course!”

Diagnosed with Hyper-mobility Syndrome at six, De Beer must always protect her joints during physical activities. “I have learned to manage my limitations and through doing my special exercises, I have proved that passion and perseverance can overcome any challenge,” she said. Her mantra: “Try to stay positive and challenge yourself and push yourself to do better and get stronger every day. Don’t ever give up; tomorrow might be a better day than today.”

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