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Couldn’t take the heat? Sorisha Naidoo on why she stormed out of ‘RHODurban’ reunion

The fourth season of the RHODurban is officially done and dusted!

The fourth season of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) has officially wrapped up with two intense reunions.

The last part of the Showmax‘s hit reality show saw Sorisha Naidoo‘s emotional exit as the drama and unresolved issues among the cast members led to a heated confrontation.

Sorisha explained that she left early because it seemed like they were not reaching an amicable solution. “I was there for 90% of the time. I had hoped we could clarify some issues and work things out amicably, but that didn’t happen.

“People were very set in their mindsets, and they weren’t going to change their minds, so there was no point in saying certain things,” she said.

Reflecting on the season finale, Sorisha expressed her disappointment at the lack of apologies from her fellow cast members.

“It was very hard to watch the final episode and not feel a certain way about it. I’m very disheartened that nobody felt they had to apologise to me. By the time an apology was being attempted at the reunion, I was already over it. I had checked out emotionally.”

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Sorisha on finding solace in family support

Sorisha said since leaving the reunion, she has found solace in the support of her family and friends.

“The moment I returned to my family, friends, and inner circle, I felt calm and balanced. I left everything that happened at the reunion behind me. I’m in a good place now, surrounded by love and positive energy. I’m not even thinking about anything from that day.”

Despite the challenges, Sorisha believes season four offered valuable personal insights.

“Season four taught me a lot. Watching the show, I uncovered things about myself. I learned to trust myself more and not always try to please people.”

The businesswoman and actress said she is open to returning for season five, provided there are significant changes.

“If there’s a major shake-up, and the show becomes more aspirational, where we see each other as women and not anything else, I would consider coming back,” she said.

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