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By Lineo Lesemane

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WATCH: ‘RHODurban’ reunion addresses witchcraft accusations, skin bleaching and more

The much-anticipated two-part reunion premiered on Wednesday.

The first part of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) reunion went live on Wednesday, with the last part to follow next Wednesday. 

Hosted by the seasoned TV presenter MaBlerh, the first installment of the reunion saw a rollercoaster of emotions as the ladies addressed burning issues.

‘RHODurban’ reunion part 1

From witchcraft accusations to discussions on skin bleaching and battles with alcoholism, no stone was left unturned during the intense reunion.

Slee, who attended the reunion in a quest to address the witchcraft accusations, received answers as Angel took accountability for her previous remarks.

“I was trying to say something and then it just came out wrong… I take full responsibility for what happened because had I not made that analogy Slee wouldn’t have experienced that. 

“I planted that seed wrongfully so I was remorseful then and I am remorseful now,” Angel said.

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Zama vs Sorisha 

Even though Slee believes that Zama was being messy when she said Sorisha has an “ape hairline”, Zama maintains that it was an innocent compliment. 

However, she admitted that she called Sorisha “Michael Jackson” because of her skin bleaching to get back at her. 

Sorisha and Zama agreed that they are now even because they have both said some nasty things about each other. 

“I let Zama do what she wanted to do because I said whatever I wanted to say about her. So, I feel like it’s a draw with us,” Sorisha said.

Meanwhile, one heated exchange involved Slee and Nonku as Slee refused to account for meeting Nonku’s ex-fiancé behind her back. 

“I owe Nonku no loyalty. We are not friends so if RD wants to meet me, I will give him an ear,” Slee said.

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