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‘Star witness’ in Fresh, Euphonik rape case claims no knowledge of incident

Siphelele Madikizela's family released a statement on her behalf on Wednesday, denying claims that she had lied.

Dj Fresh and Euphonik have not held back after the rape case against them was dropped on Monday.

The music duo have shared their thoughts on the woman who laid the case against them, sharing tweets which labelled her a “pathological liar”.

Fresh hinted on Wednesday evening that they had information that Siphelele Madikizela, who made the allegations, had “lied”.

The statement was released by the pair on Thursday morning. It contains statements obtained during the investigation, which they have been granted access to.

” ‘Michelle’ the roommate whom Siphelele Madikizela claims with her during the alleged incident, has stated under oath that:

“…Siphelele mentioned that I was with her at Guest House A and B. I was never there. I don’t have any knowledge of this incident.”

The Madikizela family released a statement on her behalf on Wednesday, denying claims that she lied. They said no family member had contacted Fresh, as he claimed on Twitter.

“The Madikizela family wants to make it absolutely clear that at no point did any family member call DJ Fresh to state such. The Madikizela family is distressed at these false claims and rejects these with contempt.

“This is a clear example of slander and defamation of character to damage our daughter’s reputation, character and integrity.”

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The family said it would “not sit back and allow the launch of a smear campaign and the public character assassination” of their daughter in an attempt to “hide from the glaring ugly truth”.

In January, Madikizela accused Fresh and Euphonik of allegedly drugging and raping her in 2011.

Euphonik lashed out at people who said him and Fresh were handling the situation “badly”.

“You’re not going to tell me how to react. It was funny while our names were being dragged by this lying extortionist. Keep the same energy going. Have a great day.”

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