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‘I have been battling satanic demons’ – J Molley breaks silence after suicide attempt

The rapper said he is embarking on a spiritual journey and is dedicating his life to serving the Lord.

J Molley has returned to social media following a brief hiatus after his social media meltdown.

Late last month, the rapper and Love & Hip Hop SA star posted a series of alarming messages on social media, stating he was contemplating suicide.

“One thing about this life is you have to spend money to make money. Also, it’s better to make foreign currency. Last thing, remember money doesn’t buy happiness.

“It will never rid you of the trauma you’ve been through. Only death can do that,” he wrote on tweets.

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J Molley embarks on a spiritual journey

On Wednesday morning, J Molley took to Instagram to share an update on his life, revealing he is embarking on a spiritual journey.

“Dear fans and supporters, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today with a heart full of gratitude and humility to share a deeply personal revelation that has transformed my life. In the past, I have been battling satanic demons within me that I was not aware of.

“Recently, I have been blessed to experience a profound awakening of faith and spirituality. Through the grace of God, I have been saved and have started dedicating my life to serving our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,” he wrote.

In the lengthy letter, the rapper also shared that he will be dedicating the coming months to seeking clarity and understanding of his purpose in God’s plan.

J Molley concluded his letter by asking for continued prayers and support from his fans as he embarks on this journey.

He mentioned that his future activity on social media will depend on a decision he will make soon.

“Please know that I will carry each and every one of you in my heart as I seek to discern God’s will for my life. Whether I choose to stay active on social media after this post or not will be determined by a decision I will be making later today.

“If no posts are made in the near future, just know I am in safe hands getting the deliverance and help I need that can only come from my Saviour Jesus Christ and His professional, trusted servants,” he added.

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