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WATCH: Jamie-Lee Domburg on breast reduction journey post-surgery

"I saved for years with the hope that one day, I could be free.”

Radio and TV presenter Jamie-Lee Domburg has finally reduced her breasts after years of saving.

Speaking about her decision to embark on the breast reduction journey, Domburg said the weight on her chest was becoming a burden, impacting both her physical and emotional well-being.

“For as long as I could remember, dancing had been my passion. It was my escape, my form of expression, the place where I felt most alive. But as the years went by and my body changed, the weight on my chest became a burden, both physically and emotionally.”

She said after competing in the Hip Hop World Championships in Germany, she started experiencing back pains.

“At first, it was a novelty, a sign of growing up. But soon, it turned into a nightmare. Dance became a struggle. The constant pain, the nagging discomfort, and the frustration of not being able to wear the clothes I loved chipped away at my self-esteem.”

Domburg said even after embarking on the fitness journey for weight loss and muscle toning, she still couldn’t get rid of the “burden” on her chest.

“Expensive bras offered little relief, and their limited options that looked like grandma bras only added to my resentment. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who wasn’t me.

“Medical aid doesn’t cover the surgery. I saved for years, with the hope that one day, I could be free.”

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Jamie-Lee Domburg post-surgery

Taking to Instagram, Domburg expressed gratitude to her medical team, family, and friends for their unwavering support throughout her recovery process.

She said her mother was her biggest support system throughout the journey.

She added: “It’s been almost one week since my surgery… Recovery has been slow, and I’m taking it one day at a time.

“Mentally, I’m on the mountain, running and working out, but physically, I’m moving around like a grandma and trying not to cough or laugh.”

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