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‘The situation with her is so weird’ – Lethabo Lejoy opens up about Christall Kay

The two are starring on the The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip - South Africa.

After filming in Jamaica, reality TV star Lethabo ‘Lejoy’ Mathatho opened up about her experiences on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – South Africa and her complex friendship with fellow co-star Christall Kay.

Lethabo and Christall are featured on the show alongside an impressive roster of housewives from across the country, including LaConco, Mel Viljoen, Liz Prins, and Londie London.

Speaking about her friendship with Christall, Lethabo said she has had good times with Christall off camera.

She explained: “The situation with Christall is so weird because I love Christall. She and I have hung out together so many times and we always have a good time, but every time there is a camera, Christall is a different person who I cannot understand.

“The Christall I know off-camera is very different from the one on camera; it is like she is two different people and that is very confusing.”

Lethabo said she supported Christall when she was not asked to return for the third season of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJohannesburg).

“I was the one by her side – comforting her. So for her to think that I want to take her down is not true,” she added.

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Lethabo on ‘RHOJohannesburg’ vs ‘Ultimate Girls Trip’

Reflecting on her journey on RHOJohannesburg compared to Ultimate Girls Trip, Lethabo said she found her last season on the RHOJohannesburg uninspiring.

“I was bored the entire time and I was like, ‘When are we finishing?’ because I knew that my castmates were just starting things from nowhere. I felt like it was not natural.

“They read and heard about me, and they came with preconceived ideas of who I am. Honestly, I was just put off by that,” she added.

She said she approached the Ultimate Girls Trip with an open mind: “I came in to have fun. I did not know anybody, so, for me, I just wanted to experience the ladies. In the midst of that, I experienced them differently from what I saw on TV, so I was pleasantly surprised.”

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