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Lebo M divorce latest: ‘I fear for my life and that of my children’

Composer and reality TV star Lebo M revealed that he is in a 'position of great discomfort', fearing for fraudulent life policies.

World-renowned composer Lebo M has shed light on some more details surrounding his divorce from his fourth wife, Pretty Samuels.

This comes after Pretty reportedly denied the news, saying she was not aware of the divorce.

In a statement seen by The Citizen, the composer stated that during his Europe tour from April to June this year, Pretty had his electronic signature as he had given her proxy to sign documents on his behalf.

When he returned, he asked her to delete the signature from her PC and sign an affidavit stating that she had deleted it, but she was not willing, which caused the altercation between them.

Lebo M divorce: Fear for ‘fraudulent life policies’

Pretty was also requested to sign another affidavit confirming that there were no policies she opened behind Lebo’s back and would benefit from upon his death, but she refused, according to the statement.

“This has placed me in a position of great discomfort, and I fear for my life and that of my children. I am worried and do not understand why my estranged wife refuses to sign the second affidavit.

“I am consulting with my attorneys to investigate and verify whether I have any fraudulent life policies in my name and/or any life covers taken to insure my life without my knowledge and consent, as this would be tantamount to fraud,” Lebo said.

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Lebo and Pretty’s wedding

The pair got married in February last year and exchanged heartwarming messages on Instagram earlier this year as they celebrated their first anniversary.

Last month, Pretty shared on Instagram that Lebo wished to have a family affair as they remembered his late son, Lethu, who would have been 21 years old.

She added: “Circumstances beyond his control made it impossible. Our daughter Nthabiseng Morake advised my post could be misconstrued as inappropriate I quote: On Instagram, when you show off your outfit it’s called a “fit check,” which my husband and I appreciate.

“We apologise to family and friends and suggest it was not meant in bad taste as it was my husband’s wish that the commemoration must be relaxed and fun for us and the kids.”

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